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Brickless Construction Group

Taking property developments to new heights.

About Brickless

The origins of the Brickless Group

Having grown from i9tecc, a Spanish construction company founded in 2008, Grupo Brickless has significantly expanded its operations into the US and Brazilian markets. With the company responding to new demands and technologies, Brickless offers unmatched 360º construction solutions and has built more than 12,000 new homes in the US, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain.

Innovate to grow i+d+i

Our philosophy is to take the initiative, we have always opted for technology, for "research + development + innovation" through our i+d+i program, as the main basis for generating new possibilities for progress and quality of life, which that has allowed us to build high quality houses at affordable prices for our clients.

Complete End-to-End Construction

The diversification that Brickless has engaged in over the years has resulted in a company that can successfully manage every aspect of the construction process. From the acquisition of land and to entitlement and development to project construction and maintenance, Brickless is a one-stop shop for property development that has seen the company become an industry leader.

Always 1 Step Ahead
Build A New Home in Just 15 Days

Advanced Construction System

Cutting-edge Formwork System

Concrete Shell

Brickless Monolithic Concrete Shell is a high-performance formwork system for casting walls and floors quickly in just one operation. By using lightweight aluminum panels and optimized forming sequence a greater efficiency on site is achieved. Brickless Concrete Shell adapts to different types of structures, including single our double story family homes, multi-family and high-rise buildings. All elements of a development such as walls, columns, shafts, slabs, beams, stairs and balconies as well as openings for windows and doors can be monolithically constructed with the Brickless Concrete Shell.

Podsystem By Brickless

Bath & Kitchen Pods

Podsystem by Brickless consists of pre-manufactured bathroom and kitchen pods, the perfect solution for a variety of developments ranging from townhouses, single-family homes, multifamily, hotels, etc. The pods are “Turnkey”, integrated with all the MEP installation and all associated bathroom elements.

High Quality Trusses

Roofing Technology

The construction of roof with Light gauge steel (LGS) brings significant advantages over traditional building methods. LGS trusses are stronger and lighter than wood and with an extremely long lifespan, requiring little to no maintenance. Also, LGS trusses are stronger, making the house more resistant to any type of winds or impact that the roof receives.

Coordination Technology

MEP Integration

Brickless MEP systems are strategically designed to minimize materials and installation time. By coordinating engineering with on-field construction, errors are minimized, and a faster productivity is achieved. This is attained through the BIM process in the design stage of a project.


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