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About Us

We provide an alternative way of investing in real estate by offering exclusive access

to our single-family and vacation rental homes

The better way to invest in real estate

"Our goal is to capitalize on the wealth-building potential of rental property ownership."


Our Story

Throughout history, investing in residential real estate has proven to be a profitable long-term decision. Real estate has exhibited returns on par to stocks while having only half the volatility. Nevertheless, most people wanting to invest in real estate are unable to do so. A high initial investment and numerous operational needs that come with managing a property prevent many individuals from participating.

This has prompted us to create an innovative approach to investing in real estate, making it accessible for everyone to start their investing journey today. Our platform, FundVate, offers the opportunity to purchase shares in income-generating rental properties, starting at an affordable initial investment of only $1,000. We manage all real estate operations, enabling investors to effortlessly collect net rental income and their portion of the property's appreciation.

Meet The Team

At FundVate, we strive to optimize profits for our stakeholders.

By using a combination of data analysis, working closely with specialists in the local markets, utilizing advanced technological resources, and streamlining our operations, we are able to optimize our profits to the fullest extent.

Our strategy for operation lies in the acquisition of properties in prime locations and their efficient management through meticulous attention. We take a nationwide approach in identifying lucrative investment opportunities, zeroing in on those with impressive return rates and offering dependable cash dividends while presenting superior appreciation potential. To keep costs to a minimum, we adopt a unique approach by focusing on our asset management strategy and optimizing operations. Through economies of scale and efficient processes, we manage to exceed investor expectations and provide them with both financial gain and peace of mind.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leveraging data and technology to make better decisions.

Scale & Efficiency

Bringing scale and efficient operations to reduce costs and maximize returns.

Advanced Tools with a Local Touch

Combining advanced tools with local market expertise.


Years of Development and
Investment Experience


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Projected Return


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